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■ 1st anniversary Thanksgiving ■ 3 hours drunk 【Winter taste fluctuating course】 9 fish pots with frog pot, Awaji beef shabu choice

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All-you-can-drink available

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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

1 year anniversary limited price! Luxurious New Banquet Course with all-you-can-drink 3 hours for a limited time! Plan with 9 gorgeous pots you can choose from Fugobo, Awaji beef shabu-shabu.

Course menu

【Appetizer】 Assorted seasonal appetizers 3 varieties

1 Awaji Roaring Tataki

2 Matsutake mushroom taro cooked products

3 Awajishima kettle fried shrimp ponzu

※ The content is an example.Since content varies according to purchase please acknowledge beforehand.

[Shuri] Gorgeous! Assorted sashimi 5 varieties

◎ Offer for 5 people or more in luxurious boat launch!

【Pot】 Fukutetsukuri (Fugu Nabe) or Awaji beef shabu-shabu

【Grilled dishes】 Grill of Awaji beef loin

【Fried】 Assorted luxurious tempura of the season

Crab, octopus, rice, seasonal vegetables

※ The content may be changed by purchase

【Tsu】 Miscellaneous cooking or udon

【Sweetness】 Today's dessert

All-you-can-drink menu

· Kirin Ichiban squeezer
· Shochu
· Wheat, sweet potato
·Plum wine
· Kishu plum wine
Local sake
· Cold · 燗
· Cassis Orange, Cassis GF, Cassis Soda, Cassis Oolong, Peach Orange, Peach Oolong, Peach Soda
· Shochu high
· Oolong High, Green Tea High, Earl Gray High, Tomato High, Lemon Sour, Lime Sour, Calpis Sour, GF Sour, Male Plum Sour
·Red and white
·Soft drink
· Orange, GF, cola, ginger ale, oolong tea, green tea

2018/12/16 update